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web design and hosting

Macmarvels designs, hosts, and administers web sites, all for a reasonable price. We provide complete web site solutions for businesses and individuals alike.

Our commitment to you is to create a great looking and fast loading web site using the latest tools and web technologies. With our expertise, your web site wil stand out. And since we will host and administer your site for you, you don't have to worry about keeping your site going.

More and more businesses are using the Internet to showcase their products and services. People are beginning to expect businesses to have a web site or an e-mail address at the very least. With the Internet, your business has the potential of reaching people that other advertising mediums will not reach.

For individuals, it is becoming commonplace to post a resume online for greater exposure. We offer a low-cost resume page package to accomplish just that. In addition, families are eager to share information about themselves with friends, including pictures of newborns, weddings, etc. The World Wide Web provides the perfect medium for doing that as well.

If you are interested in making your presence known on the Internet, talk to us. We will be glad to discuss how we can help you get noticed!

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